Bryan Boyett; Author & Inspirational Speaker

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"A New Beginning"

A Journey of Faith Through Marine Corps Boot Camp

Join us in a tale of honor, courage and commitment and an enduring faith that carries a young man through the trials and triumphs of Marine Corps Boot Camp. This heartwarming chronicle is based on letters sent home by a raw recruit as he is forged into one of America’s elite. Come walk with us in a faith-filled journey that may inspire you to start your own “new beginning”.


ieutenant Vincent "Vinny" Malone

The Man, The Machines and The Missions

This is the true story of Vincent Malone, an unsung hero of the World War Two generation, one of the millions of ordinary people that did extraordinary things to save the world from tyranny. In "The Man" you will read the biography of a native son of Brooklyn, NY, as he grows up and goes off to war. In "The Machines” you are treated to a documentary about the aircraft that Malone flew into combat. In "The Missions” you will hear Malone's own words in his autobiographical war journal, and his final ten combat missions told in exciting prose.

Journey with a young pilot as he fights for his country’s freedom and liberty at a time when there was no tomorrow.

Vincent Malone's story is a timeless tale of honor, courage and dedication that was the World War Two generation.


UNSUNG HEROES: Voices of World War Two

Members of the World War Two generation are a rare breed. Raised during the uncertainty of The Great Depression, these men of character would rise above the economic struggles of that time and go on to serve their country gallantly during a time of global war, and do so without hesitation. There is no doubt that their combined efforts saved the world from tyranny and oppression. These are their stories. 

Based on personal interviews, noted military biographer Bryan Boyett brings to life tales of honor, valor and courage. From storming the beaches of tiny islands, battling through dense forests, flying into war-torn skies, or sailing on the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, come experience the everyday antics of young men as they go about the business of war, including moments of sheer terror in the heat of combat. 

Unsung Heroes is a truly a labor of love, with its purpose to honor the veterans of World War Two, teach others of their heroism, and preserve their stories for the generations to come.